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for as long as i can remember i just wanted to do what was right. guess i’m not quite sure what that is anymore.


friendly reminder that all of the comic verses are different than the mcu verse and they should be treated as separate worlds in order to let the full magic of a cinematic adventure sink in

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I will fight beside you. And in the end I will see my wife and daughter again.


Chris Evans with the cast of Captain America: The Winter Soldier ring the NYSE Opening Bell.

#the fond smile bucky gave steve here is probably the last one steve has ever got#it was probably the LAST smile bucky had#im making myself upset bye

The price of freedom is high, and it’s a price I’m willing to pay. Don’t let control take the place of freedom.

I’m only interested in the simple things… like how much this is going to hurt!


what makes guardians of the galaxy so good is that they’re mostly assholes and fully acknowledge that

everytime there’s supposed to be a sweet or dramatic moment

they ruin it

because they’re assholes

Chris Pratt for Men’s Fitness

Anonymous:bucky crushing hella hard on skinny steve? ;w;


"Looks like it’s just you and me again, haha! Might as well go to the restaurant anyway, no sense letting those reservations go to waste ;;;;;;"

"Bucky, why does this keep happening"

I am not a princess.

Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast. I will catch it.

Do not call me a thesaurus.

Why would I want to put my finger on his throat?

Oh, I wasn’t listening. I was thinking about something else.

I like this knife. I’m keeping it.